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Irritability is defined as an abnormal sensitivity or touchiness to internal or external stimuli. It refers to a low tolerance for things that may not bother others and a tendency to overreact to minor frustrations, events, or conflicts. Common Signs of Irritability Individuals experiencing irritability may:

Causes of Irritability Irritability can have many potential causes, including: Managing Irritability Steps individuals can take to regulate irritability include: Learning to manage irritability takes self-awareness, patience, and practice. Support from loved ones can also help in the process. However, if irritability persists and regularly impairs relationships or daily functioning, seeking help from a mental health professional is wise. They can assess contributing factors and create a targeted treatment plan. With proper management, those struggling with frequent irritability can greatly improve their mood stability, anger control, and quality of life. The capacity to regulate reactions takes pressure off relationships and fosters a deeper sense of inner peace.

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