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Fatigue is a common symptom that we all experience at some point. It is characterized by an overwhelming and persistent feeling of tiredness, weakness, and lack of energy. There are two main types of fatigue:

What causes fatigue? Many different factors can contribute to feelings of exhaustion, including: How is fatigue diagnosed and treated? Identifying the underlying cause of fatigue is key. Your doctor may: Treatment options can include: While occasional fatigue is normal, persistent exhaustion should not be ignored. Paying attention to your body, being an advocate for your health, and working with your doctor can help determine the best ways to overcome chronic tiredness. The key is identifying and addressing the root factors leading to exhaustion, rather than pushing through the tiredness. Listen to your body - understanding and respecting your fatigue can lead to greater energy and wellbeing over the long-run. If you suspect that your fatigue may be related to a hormonal imbalance, consider consulting with the experienced professionals at Restore Vitality Clinic.

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